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The selection of all raw materials and the use of the latest technologies is aimed at ensuring the greatest possible comfort and guarantees the proper development of the child's foot, which confirms the certificate of Healthy Foot awarded by the Institute of Leather Industry in Lodz, a branch in Krakow.We provide the best workmanship and the highest comfort of wearing children's footwear. In addition, we use natural leathers that do not contain chromium VI.The linings are made of natural materials. In the spring and summer season, we use natural leather, while in autumn and winter 100% wool. It has a huge impact on the proper microclimate inside the footwear, because there are no conditions for the development of fungi and bacteria. It is worth knowing that the undoubted advantage of natural leathers are its stretching properties and proper fitting to the individual shape of the foot, which has a decisive impact on comfort.The linings used in our footwear are double-layered. The first layer is natural lining leather, which absorbs moisture well, while the underside layer is latex foam that is a shock absorber of micro-shocks created during walking.To ensure the proper comfort of use, we use lightweight and flexible molded soles made of thermo rubber. They are non-slip, shock-resistant, they perform well at "extreme" temperatures.

Mido Noster  

The company Mido Noster specializes in the production of high quality children's footwear made of natural leather. All materials used by our company come from the European Union and are manufactured in accordance with European standards.


We know that for each parent the priority is to ensure healthy development of the child. That is why we make every effort to ensure comfort and ideal conditions for children's feet. Our footwear is characterized by high comfort of use, because they are made of high quality natural leather and natural cotton fabrics. Carefully made shoes provide health and safety for children's feet, and in addition, they give the child's character rich colors and interesting patterns.     – subpages: boys / girls


"Very good quality , fast delivery, wonderful service. Recommend 100%..."


—  Klinga,Filipiak